Two Byrds
​Murray Grey Beef Cattle

Striving for show quality registered purebred and percentage Murray Grey cattle in Eagle Point, OR.  Our goal is to have a sustainble operation with breeding stock that is gentle and easy to keep.  All cattle registered with the American Murray Grey Association.
​​Windy Acres Cleo's Romance
Purebred Murray Grey Cow

​​Cleo has been shown and has a sweet tooth.​ She is such a mellow little gal at mature weight of ​1125 lbs.  Pictured here at 2 years old. This girl is well balanced and ​such an easy keeper. 
Calves :

Windy Acres Excaliber BW 80 lbs Silver Bull
Jan 2017 by JB Colt 45
Two Byrds Firefly BW 63 lbs Silver Heifer
Jan 2018 by JB Boulder
Bred to Sunnyridge Epic Power due Jan 7, 2019
​​VF Creme de Cocoa
Purebred Murray Grey Cow

​​This girl stole my husband's heart. While visiting the JB ranch, this heifer perked her ears right up and came over to visit us. She has quickly learned that the kids bring her treats- alfalfa is her favorite. Mature weight of 1450 lbs.  

Two Byrd's Egypt's Shadow BW 88 lbs Black Heifer
Dec 2017 by JB Dust Commander
Bred to Windy Acres Excaliber due Nov 18, 2018

  1. Managing Director
​​Two Byrds Brownie
Purebred Black Angus Cow

Chosen for disposition and capacity-- she may be used in the future for ET. This cow has joined our herd to introduce some black genes without compromising on disposition. Mature weight of 1590 lbs.

Two Byrds Fantasy BW 70 lbs Jan 2018 by JB Boulder
Bred to Windy Acres Excaliber due Jan 11, 2019 

​​JB Xclusive Monique "Lucy"
Purebred Murray Grey
December 2010

​​Dark grey smooth bodied moderate cow. She is a recent addition to our breeding program out of JB Monique Marie. Her bloodline includes Twin Fir Fanfare, Warook Zenda, Twin Fir Black Powder, Willalooka Power, Twin Fir Precious and Marire Gambler. 

Two Byrds Flower Blossom April 24, 2018 BW 90 lbs sired by WLE Uno Mas registered Simmental bull
AI'd to Eagles Run Just Because for March 2019 calf

​​LGR Empress
Purebred Murray Grey
April 2017
Dark grey heifer out of Sunrise Sweet N Sassy and Karakara Burleigh. This heifer has an amazing disposition-- my husband says she was halter broke in 2 days.  Purchased as weanling heifer from Locust Grove Ranch. Watch out this heifer likes to smooch! Currently being evaluated for show quality.

BW UNK WW 430 lbs YW 702 lbs
Current rate of gain is 2.9 lbs/day

​​Two Byrds Egypt's Shadow
Purebred Murray Grey
December 9, 2017
Black heifer, first calf on the ground by JB Dust Commander. Started on halter and doing great! Watch for this heifer in the show ring.

Current Rate of Gain is 4.7 lbs/day

Dam: VF Creme de Cocoa
Sire: JB Dust Commander

​​Two Byrds Firefly
Purebred Murray Grey
January 14, 2018

Dam is CH Murray Grey Female 2017 from Jospehine Co Fair. This silver heifer is so mellow that she is being halter broke by our 8 year old.

Current Rate of Gain is 2.4 lbs/day

Dam: Windy Acres Cleo's Romance
Sire: JB Boulder (JB Navarra x Morgan Rivers Zamora)

​​Two Byrds Evening Moon
50% Murray Grey
October 3, 2017

 This heifer is registered as 50% Murray Grey and in our breed up program. This silver heifer is being halter broke by our 8 year old. Currently being evaluated for show quality.

Dam: Two Byrds Smores
Sire: JB Boulder (JB Navarra x Morgan Rivers Zamora)

BW 76 lbs WW 596 @ gain 2.8 lbs/day (on hay only)

​​Windy Acres Excaliber​​
Purebred Murray Grey
Current Herd Bull
CH Murray Grey Bull at 2017 Josephine Co Fair
Sired by JB Colt 45, 2016 Res. National CH Yearling MG Bull

We are using Excaliber to add Temar Lotus line to our pedigree stock. Pictured here at 16 months. He is bred to VF Creme de Cocoa, Smores and Brownie who are tested in calf by Biopryn.

Dam: Windy Acres Cleo's Romance (MLJ Zander x JB Romance Rose) Sire: JB Colt 45 (Temar Lotus L62 x JB Navarra)

​BW 80 lbs 
​9 month weight 753 lbs
​Yearling Weight 860 lbs

15 mo weight 971 lbs Scrotal 33 cm
​Current Rate of Gain 1.85 lbs/day