Two Byrds
​Murray Grey Beef Cattle

Striving for show quality registered purebred and percentage Murray Grey cattle in Eagle Point, OR.  Our goal is to have a sustainble operation with breeding stock that is gentle and easy to keep.  All cattle registered with the American Murray Grey Association.


​Email or call if you are interested.  All registered calves will be halter broke and shown in 2018.  Calf prices are pre-weaning.

Registered Percentage Murray Grey Heifer born Jan 2018.  Two Byrds Fantasy. Sire JB Boulder. Dam: Two Byrds Brownie (Angus). Dark  registered 50% Murray Grey available at $1600.

Two Byrds Smores.  Exposed to Windy Acres Excaliber for October 2018 50% Murray Grey Calf (Percentage Registerable) available at $2200
Produced flashy white face/blaze on all calves.

Registered Murray Grey Bull born Jan 2017.  Windy Acres Excaliber will be available for lease Feb-April 2017 for $35 per cow.  All calves will qualify for registration. Mature heifers or cows only.  All cows must have proof of health within 60 days.  Add growth to your cows-- this bull calf was 60% the size of his dam at 6 months old.

​BW 80 lbs WW 700 lbs YW TBD

2018 HAY

​We are sold out of our 2017 hay. 

​Now taking pre-orders for 1st and 2nd cutting hay for 2018.  We will have 2 varieties this year.  One low-sugar grass hay and a clover/grass blend.  Moisture checked and weed-free.

​Bale size in 2017 was 72-74 lbs per bale.