Two Byrds
​Murray Grey Beef Cattle

Striving for show quality registered purebred and percentage Murray Grey cattle in Eagle Point, OR.  Our goal is to have a sustainble operation with breeding stock that is gentle and easy to keep.  All cattle registered with the American Murray Grey Association.


​Email or call if you are interested.  All registered calves will be halter broke and shown in 2018.  Calf prices are pre-weaning. Other unregistered but eligible 50% heifers by JB Boulder available soon. Reserve yours now. 

Registered heifer born Jan 2018.  Two Byrds Fantasy. Sire JB Boulder. Dam: Two Byrds Brownie. Dam is long, thick, level, very maternal with good milk and growth EPDs. This heifer will be started on halter in March. Fantasy is available at $1600 preweaning.

Two Byrds Smores.  She will be exposed to Windy Acres Excaliber (CH MG bull at 2017 Josephine Co Fair sired by 2016 Res. National CH Bull, JB Colt 45) for Jan 2019 50% Murray Grey Calf (Percentage Registerable).
Produced flashy white face/blaze on all calves. Bred/TIC $1900 or open $1400.

Registered Murray Grey Bull born Jan 2017.  Windy Acres Excaliber will be available for lease May-June 2018 for $35 per cow.  All calves will qualify for registration. Mature heifers or cows only.  All cows must have proof of health within 60 days.  Puppy-dog temperament, improve efficiency, adds muscle expression and growth on calves.  Will produce mostly silver calves on light colored cows, duns and darks on black/dark cows.

​He has tenative lease for May-June 2018. Contact us if you are interested in getting cows covered by this bull.

​BW 80 lbs WW 700 lbs YW 860 lbs

2018 HAY

​We are sold out of our 2017 hay. 

​Now taking pre-orders for 1st and 2nd cutting hay for 2018.  We will have 2 varieties this year.  One low-sugar grass hay and a clover/grass blend.  Moisture checked and weed-free.

​Bale size in 2017 was 72-74 lbs per bale.